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JoAnne Palladino

 Light Language Channel ~ Wayshower ~ Light Activator




From JoAnne - My heart is touched to be part of SpiritFest, a Summer Solstice Celebration to support the embodiment of conscious awakening within you, humanity and myself. An essential aspect with my personal practice and how I guide others is to ‘realize’ complete and unconditional love and self-acceptance. Thank you Sheila for inviting me to share my gift of Shmaya, the voice from beyond the beyond that has come to accelerate the awakening.

From Shmaya - Dear Precious One, It is time…yes it is time to realize and embody the truth of your existence. Shining your individual light IS significant to all of humanity! Embrace your holiness / wholeness, express it and extend it out to the world…this divine life force is the catalyst to conscious awakening. What a blessing indeed.


     JoAnne is a channel for Shmaya, the Language of Light. Shmaya is an illumined presence that is from beyond the beyond. The light language spontaneously started to channeled through JoAnne eight years ago when she received the message that Shmaya has come during this precious time to help souls awaken and to support the ascension on the planet. As a Light Language Channel, Intuitive and Reiki Master-Teacher, JoAnne's intention when extending her gifts to support others is to guide them to cultivate and embody complete and unconditional love and self-acceptance; as JoAnne says, "bringing people back to themselves to realized the holiness within."

     JoAnne has been in private practice since 2002 and works with people nationally and internationally. Her practice is located in Denver, Colorado where she sees people one-on-one and in group and retreat settings. Distance sessions are available by phone or Zoom.

     JoAnne is honored to be riding the wave of consciousness with you during this time where ‘not knowing’ is truly our friend.


The Voice from Beyond the Beyond

     When JoAnne spontaneously starting channeling Light Language a word that continued to be spoken was Shmaya. At the time JoAnne was not aware the holy meaning of this ancient word. Once she was informed of the sacred meaning of this word she was guided to name the light language, Shmaya.

     Shmaya, an ancient Aramaic word, in essence means " oneness in all".  The root "shm" meaning light, sound, vibration, name or word, and indicates that which “rises and shines in the entire sphere of being.” The ending "aya" shows that this shining includes every center of activity, every place we see, as well as the potential abilities of all things. In effect Shmaya means; The Light that rises from the Oneness and shines through the cosmos, and lives within everyone, everything and in every word.

The sound and vibration of the energy words within this language transmit a variety of healing qualities, touching people on a deep level resulting in a sense of profound peace. Clients receive guidance and a healing from Shmaya that reaches beyond the body and transforms overall well-being on a deep profound level.


JoAnne will be offering a drawing for someone to receive a 70-MINUTE COMPLIMENTARY SESSION by phone or in person. Visit the Speaker’s Tent to enter in the drawing.

Items will also be available to purchase. These items are tools,

talismans and practices for your use to support your spiritual awakening.



                           Mala Beads – Bracelets and Necklaces One-of-a-Kind,
                           Created Mindfully, Infused with Reiki Energy
 Cost:  $20 to $90

Sacred Essential Oils – 1/6oz and 1/3oz bottles available Christ Scent 
Forgiveness, Love and One Soul  

Cost:  $20 or $30

The Way of Mastery – Book and CD Yeshua’s Teachings
about complete and unconditional love and self-acceptance  

Cost:  $40 | 303.263.0679 |

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