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Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki

Experience the nourishing energy of Reiki as you drop into a deep state of healing bliss.  Reiki nourishes your body, mind and spirit as it releases old emotions and patterns

that no longer serve you.

Zen Stones
Fern Leaf
Relaxing Massage

The life force energy of Reiki nourishes the muscles, organs, glands and cells of the body and supports their vital functions. Your entire body/mind benefits from Reiki as this healing energy breaks away blockages so you can releases stress and worry. 


Reiki is a form of ancient energetic, hands-on-healing brought forward by Mikao Usui during the 19th Century.  The word Reiki comprises two Japanese words - Rei and Ki.  Roughly, these two words Rei, means universal and Ki, life force energy.  Together Reiki is translated to be Universal life force energy.   

SpiritWay's Reiki Practitioners are both Reiki Masters bringing more than 35+ years of experience to you during your 30 minute or 60 minute session. 


Treatments are provided fully clothed while lying of a massage table or sitting in a chair.  The practitioner administers the Reiki energy to the recipient through their hands. The hands can be placed either on or near the body, using a series of hand placements. Recipients typically become very relaxed and some fall asleep, waking feeling rejuvenated. The treatment can be experienced as warm nourishing energy or cool, calming energy, depending on what the body needs.

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