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The Power of the Bemer 

Bemer Technology Summarized


BEMER’s breakthrough technology in the field of energy medicine affects blood flow in the micro-vessels which comprise 74% of our body’s circulatory system.

Because these vessels are so small, diagnostic tools have not been developed for this area. Thus the 75,000 feet of micro-vessels inside the human body has been virtually unaddressed by the medical field despite the fact that physiologically it is the most vital area of concern. This is where the critical dance of Oxygenation and detoxification of the blood takes place.

The signal is BEMER’s “secret sauce”. An electro-magnetic field is used to transport this input. This patented signal is sent throughout the entire body in the shape of the BEMER waveform.

When waste disposal is inefficient, the body stores metabolic wastes. The resulting toxic, acidic environment becomes a breeding ground for all pathogens. It is only a matter of time for symptoms to manifest and disease to reveal itself. 


Regular use of the BEMER generates wellness benefits by gently easing the body into homeostasis at which point it has the wisdom and power to address any systemic imbalance and allow the body to function optimally.

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