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Women's Care

Your strong ... you nurture ... you bend without breaking ... you give it your all ... you are woman.


Throughout time, women have shared self-care tips with one another.  But sometimes it takes more than self-care to achieve your health goals and you need a little help getting there.


That is where SpiritWay comes in.  We offer a number of services designed specifically for women including fertility protocols, Yoni Steams, relaxation techniques and more. 

Fern Leaf
Mother and Baby


At SpiritWay, we understanding the importance of good health, proper nutrition, and knowing your body when preparing for pregnancy. 


Body ReBoot can help ensure your body is in the best possible alignment, specifically the pelvic girdle.  It can reduce scar tissue, banding and old compensation patterns that might be preventing the miracle of conception.

Our EQHT vial sessions help to put the reproductive system in the best position possible for fertility.

Yoni Steam

Some people report at the Yoni Steam:

  • reducing menstrual symptoms, such as bloating, cramps, exhaustion, and heavy bleeding

  • boosting fertility

  • promoting healing after childbirth

  • reducing stress

  • eases hemorrhoids

  • increasing energy and reducing fatigue

  • treating headaches

  • helps with symptoms associated with PMS and menopause

  • facilitates emotional relaxation

  • assist with postpartum care

  • connects you with your inner self

  • relaxes, strengthens and tonifies the vaginal walls

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