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We love pets too!

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When your fur baby is not feeling it's best or when you want to make sure they are the healthiest they can be try our EQHT.

Each technique takes only a few seconds to run so your pet receives the maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time!

This service is offered in person and well as

long distance. 


Our practitioners will bring the ultimate relaxation and calming to your best. When their bodies are fully relaxed, healing can occur. 

Pet The Bunny

AO Scan

Keeping your pet healthy has never been easier.  Using the AO system, a unique algorithm is created specifically for special fur baby. Your pets profile is tied to your profile so if you have not had an AO session and you want your fur baby to benefit from this amazing technology, you will need to schedule a session for yourself as well. 

Much like a radio station broadcasting a signal, this technology can be broadcast long-distance to your pet day or night. 


Wellness Products

We offer a variety of pet products to support your pets wellness so they can live happier and healthier lives.

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