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Meet Our Team

SpiritWay Wellness practitioners have a combined knowledge and
skill base of more than 40 years healing experience.

Sheila Seppi
Founder, Holistic Healing Practitioner 
Rev. Sheila Seppi,
Founder, DD, HHP,
RMT, BE Therapist

Sheila Seppi, Founder

Sheila currently operates SpiritWay Wellness in EagleVail Colorado where she offers traditional and non-traditional spiritual and healing sessions for integrated total body wellness and integration services.  Sheila also provides spiritual teaching circles and offers workshops, classes, seminars, conducts weddings, and intensive training programs and healing sessions.

Sheila completed her masters in Metaphysical Sciences from the University of Metaphysical Sciences in California and is currently working on her PhD in Metaphysics. 


Her field of study for healing brings her nearly 20 years experience as:  
Reiki Master/Teacher and Karuna Master/Teacher;
Certified Total Body Modification Practitioner; 

Certified Natural Healing and Emotional Release Practitioner; 
Certified in Energetic Systems Maintenance;

Life Care Vial Provider;  

Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner;        

BodyEvolve (BE) Therapist and working to become a licensed massage therapist.                                                  
Sheila is a registered Natural Healer through the International Natural Healers Association, American Holistic Health Association,  and American Association of Drugless Practitioners.


For the past twenty years, Sheila has studied with a Hopi Elder, serves as an apprentice to her and has been granted permission to take the teachings of the people forward through the oral tradition.  


In July of 2008, Sheila was bestowed the honor, by visionary, teacher and world renowned author Wolf Moondance, to offer her vision teachings of Rainbow Medicine.  Sheila is currently in the process of compiling all of Wolf's teachings and turning them into a Train-the-Teachers program.  


Sheila is a graduate of the one year PowerPath Shamanic program, studied through the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, and with Sandra Ingerman.  Sheila is also an ordained Interfaith Minister and Minister/Director through the Universal Brotherhood Movement, is ordained through the First Nations Church and Ministry and the University of Metaphysical Sciences.  

Sheila came to this work through a series of illnesses.

Fernando Ascencio
Affliate Member
Sacred Geometry Healing
Emotional Release
Merkaba Healings

Fernando uses his hand built Sacred Geometry tools, multiple energetic healing techniques, crystals, intuition, and sound healing to guide you through a mystical experience of positive transformation.

Fernando has taken courses on crystal healing, cellular reprogramming, cycling energy healing, psychic ability and more. He is also a builder and creates energy healing tools using Sacred Geometry symbols, copper and wood.

He offers offers Sacred Geometry Healings with his 7 ft. Merkaba; Seed of Life, Forgiveness, Emotional Release Healings; and his Sacred Geometry Crystal Healings.

His path to spirituality and healing began almost 7 years ago with an extreme back injury. Through dedication to meditation and focused efforts on a cycling healing technique, he was able to heal himself. This led to deeper research into energy, the healing arts, and also into Sacred Geometry, after geometric patterns began appearing to him while in a meditative state.

Dayna Hurtt, Front Desk Receptionist, Reiki Master, Learning Animal Communication

Most everyone in the Valley knows this kind and loving woman.  Clients love walking into the office and being greeted by the smiling face and uplifting conservations of Dayna Hurtt. She is like a breath of fresh air.  


Dayna has been with SpiritWay since the summer of 2018 and has already reorganized the entire way we do business. 

Dayna's primary love is her ranch and animals. She cares for several miniature horses, a regular size horse, a fainting goat, multiple chickens, three dogs, two cats...and a parrot.  

Dayna is certified in Usui Reiki I and II, Tibetan and Advanced Reiki. Most recently, she became a Reiki Master.  She is studying Aromatherapy, Animal Communication and many other subjects to stay abreast in the Wellness Field. 


Dylan Kuczko, HHP
BE Therapist
Reiki Master

Dylan Kuczko, Assistant Manager


Dylan is a Holistic Healing Practitioner, BodyEvolve (BE) Therapist and Reiki Master.  He is learning Natural Healing, BE, and becoming certified as a Kinesiology Taping Practitioner (KTP).  


Dylan works as a full-time practitioner at SpiritWay Wellness and has served as manager since October 2018.


At the age of 10, he began attending professional development workshops and seminars.  He began studying healing techniques at the age of 11 and now has nine years experience as a Level II Reiki practitioner. 

Being homeschooled afforded Dylan the opportunity for unusual extra curricular activities. 

In 2012 Dylan:

Studied the teachings of Wolf Moondance and attended a variety of shamanic healing seminars;

In 2013 Dylan:

Became certified in Energetic Systems Maintenance;

In 2014 Dylan:

Studied how to work with and administer Life Care vials;

Began attending natural healing seminars and now is certified as a Basic Natural Healing Practitioner;

During 2015 Dylan:

Began studying Structural Physiological Movement Integration and now has three years experience as an SMPI healing practitioner with thousands of hours;


Additionally, Dylan began working at the AlpenRose Restaurant in Vail, Colorado at the age of 14 and for a short time served as Sous Chief.  At age 17 he was hired as a line Chef at Larkspur Restaurant and then promoted to Chef de Partie before coming to work full-time at SpiritWay Wellness in October of 2018.  


Dylan once said, "I like to think about putting healing energy into all the food I help prepare". But now, he uses energy to heal, recoup, and fortify the bodies of all he works on and discusses the bodies water and nutritional needs with them.


Yemanya Carey
Affliate Member
Light Language Healings
Crystal Healing

Yemanya Carey, evolutionary change agent and light language facilitator, is an international speaker, workshop facilitator, master healer, and activist.  Her experience has been working in the field of Education, Health, and Wellness for over 26 years. Often referred to as a Mystic or Shaman, she has been honored to facilitate at events among other dynamic visionary leaders including Don Miguel Ruiz, Foster Gamble, Hunbatz Men, Patricia Cota-Robles and Emmanuel Dapher.  She has been a speaker at the 32nd World Congress of Illumination, IANDS, and Google.


After a near death experience back in 1999, her life turned down a different path that lead her to train under Master Teachers, Shamans and Healers from around the world in a variety of modalities, practices, and philosophies. She has since created her own “art of healing” through the guidance of her intuition by channeling light language, using visualization, and energy movement, to produce results that work down into the DNA and cellular level. Yemanya is dedicated to helping individuals align to their true infinite nature and guiding them into the new paradigm of Unity Consciousness. Her purpose and mission is to support people during transition and into the deeper resources of the heart. 

Barbara Nelson,  
Reiki Master, Rune Reader, Chief Hug Giver & Wisdom Sharer

Barbara Nelson, fondly known by all as "Mum", is the light of the EagleVail Office.  People come extra early and stay late after their appointments just to get a hug and hear her words of wisdom.  


Healing comes in many forms and Mum has her own tool kit.

She is certified in Reiki I, Reiki II, Tibetan, Reiki Pathways and most recently became a Reiki Master.  If you ask politely, she may give you a life path reading from the ancient Runes. She works daily with "the boys upstairs" and lights her prayer candles for anyone in need.  

Coming to the EagleVail office is a true joy knowing Mum will be there.