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Body ReBoot looks at the body as a whole and focuses on the inter-connections of the body – alignment-tendons, ligaments, muscles, and the bones by gently adjusting their position while the lymphatic system drains and neurological re-education occurs; mental processes and emotional stability.


Our practitioners work your body from head to toe, leaving no muscle group untouched. They break up compensation patterns and scar tissue to provide more fluidity of movement to get you back doing the things you love and out of pain. 

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Conditions Helped

  • Hamstring issues 

  • Migraines

  • Neck Issues

  • Back issues

  • Knee and feet problems

  • Hand and carpel concerns

  • Shoulder tightness and stiffness

  • Rotator cuff problems

  • Repetitive motion injuries

  • Soft tissue injuries

  • Shoulder impingement

  • Inflammation

  • Stress fractures

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Emotional conditions


  • Improved Physical Fitness

  • Increased stamina

  • Decreased stress and anxiety levels

  • Increased well-being and confidence

  • Improve sleep

  • Improve circulation

  • Increase elasticity

  • Muscle repair

  • Facilitates healing


  • Promotes increased blood flow

  • Delivers nutrition and oxygen to muscle groups

  • Eliminates waste from muscle groups

  • Breaks up existing scar tissue and prevents new scar tissue formation

  • Increases range of motion

What to expect during and after a session:

  • Wear loose fitting clothing

  • Increase your water intake to a ratio of one quart per 50 pounds of body weight

  • After the treatment, take an epsom salt bath to help facilitate the release of toxins

  • Consider using a castor oil pack 

  • Individuals may experience soreness 

SpiritWay Wellness has developed a Body/Mind ReBoot (ReBoot) program that provides a total health and wellness treatment designed to help the individual reach their health and wellness goals.  After an intake, the individuals goals are discussed and a customize approach is developed to help manage old injuries, chronic or acute conditions.   

Using a four step approach of nutrition, hydration, adequate sleep and restorative holistic health modalities. These modalities are intertwined to give the body the optimal advantage for healing and restoration.  They include:  


Total Body Modification, developed by Dr. Victor Frank, is an integrative approach to restoring the body’s self-regulation and, thereby, healing capacity by working through the autonomic nervous system. TBM rapidly restores function-specific and global energetic harmony to the human body resulting in seemingly miraculous, yet predictable, changes in health.


Evolutionary Quantium Healing Technique, like TBM, detects imbalances in the body through muscle testing and then using quantum vials, seeks to restore balance to muscles, organs, systems and emotions. This system was developed by Dr. Randy Frank.  

BodyEvolve, brought to the forefront by Kimberly Klein, is a structural physiological movement integration (SPMI) technique that originated in China with the Shaolin Monks.  It looks at the body as a whole and focuses on the inter-connections of the body-alignment, tendons, ligaments, muscles and the bones by gently adjusting their position while the lymphatic system drains and neurological re-education occurs.  It is ideal for addressing a wide variety of soft tissue injuries, both acute and chronic. It is very effective for pain relief and restoration of function. This modality is ideal for anyone seeking better mobility.

Emotional Balancing.  Emotions are caused by chemical responses in our brain.  When these chemicals cannot be fully processed, they are stored throughout the body in muscles, tissue, organs, systems, bones, ligaments and tendons.  Emotional Balancing techniques and vials are used to release the stored chemicals and restore balance. 

Quantum Scalar Wave Laser waves are revolutionary neutral waves of energy. They do not have polarity and therefore do not travel in a linear fashion from past to present. They are a unified field energy which is a technically a non quantifiable state of energy which makes up the entire universe. This is a revolutionary approach to low level laser light technology. Using these lasers can put the body into a parasympathetic state, thus allowing the body to relax.  When the body is relaxed, healing can occur. 

Intertwining these modalities provides the body the optimal opportunity to evolve into a stronger, healthier body. 

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Tune up you skis,

      Tune up your body

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Body ReBoot will

        keep you on the go!

Body Reboot

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