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            90.10. Quantum Technology

As the worldwide first company, the 90.10. Ltd., based in Bern / Switzerland succeeded in developing a method with which any matter can be influenced on a quantum physical level so that it saves and passes on quantum-like energy permanently.

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Energy wherever you go – your inexhaustible energy tank.

Your life energy "to go"

  • Vitalize your food.

  • Support your immune system.

  • Activate your serenity.

  • Sharpen your focus.

There are many things in our world that could use an upgrade, a vitalization if you will: The air is full of particulate matter; The fields saturated with glyphosate; The cities polluted with e-smog; The water full of chemicals; The medicinal chests full of drugs; The heads full of negative thoughts.

Imagine there is a cure for everything... every single thing. Imagine you determine your quality of life for yourself.

Quantum energy in the power capsule 90.10. ZERO POINT ENERGY Using a special quantum physical process, 90.10. puts energy into the titanium spheres and the shell of the power capsule. It is pure, harmonizing quantum energy. Its effect on matter is an intensive increase in energy, which can be proven by many different methods.

The energy is absolutely neutral, i.e. it does not contain any frequencies.Use the power capsule to energize your body.


For this purpose, carry the capsule with you, in your pants or shirt pocket. The key ring can also be used to attach the capsule to a belt loop or necklace.


You can also use the power capsule to enrich other matter with energy, such as your food and drinking water. To do this, place the tip of the capsule on the glass, the plate, the bowl, etc.


The energy transfer begins as soon as contact is made. It ends with the interruption of the contact. The energy does not remain permanently in your body or matter. It evaporates after some time. The body usually holds the energy for one to three hours.

5D-Water takes the refinement of drinking water to the next dimension. The double-walled, high-quality stainless steel water bottle was treated in a seventh generation cube, i.e. a cube whose energy output was increased seven times. Under this intense energetic influence, the water becomes particularly available to the cells. The bottle is therefore also an ideal companion for fasting and detoxification cures.

In the burning process, the energy is combined with the following proven frequencies:


  • "Nikola Tesla" with the know-how of the scientist to protect against the interference of electromagnetic radiation

  • "Spring waters" with the information from ten world-famous spring waters, e.g. B. the Lourdes water

  • "84" with the information of 84 vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements

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