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DATE:        April 13 

TIME:        7:00 - 8:00 then Q&A
COST:       Donation Only


DATE:        April 14

TIME:        10:00-12:00
COST:        Donation only


LOCATION:  Hybrid Nation (across from Avon City Market)

Scott is a Medical Intuitive, International Lecturer, and the Spiritual Author of The Next Step in Human Evolution, Take Back Your Health, and Breakthrough. He was born with the gift of higher dimensional sight, which means that when he “tunes in” to someone, he would not only see them in the physical level but also “see” them on multi-dimensional levels.

Friday              7:00 – 8:00                 

Scott will discuss the 24-strand DNA Manifestation

Manifestation given by St. Germaine to assist all humans to create 24 strand perfected DNA into our bodies, with the intent to evolve into homo-luminous, which will perfect the human body making us invincible to the toxins, petrochemicals, nanobots, mind-control and radiation


Saturday         10:00 – 12:00             

Updates from St. Germaine Foundations on Self-healing and the Ascension

Below the registration

form is a copy of the 

DNA Activation. Please

read, print and share 

with your friends.


To learn more about Scott and his work visit

Thank you Hybrid Nation for helping make this even happen!


Invocation – 24 strands of DNA manifestation to be spoken aloud with faith and intention once daily (or whatever feels comfortable for you) 12 X 12 times = 144 times.  Each 12 times the invocation is spoken the DNA upgrades and raises the frequency of the body, emotions, mental, and spirit to a higher vibratory rate.



I call upon Mother Earth and Archangel Uriel, the Fire of God the Light of God, the Archangel of Divine Wisdom in the North, and the Ruler of Elements of Earth. Deep into the magma I project light and love and put my energies and my thoughts deep into the magma of Mother Earth, purple and orange, redish and yellow in color, asking for the assistance in bringing the energy of the creative magma up into my feet, up through my root chakra and into the sacral plexus, the Plexus of Creation.


I call on Divine Creative Source and the Archangel Jophiel, the Beauty of God, the Archangel of Creative Power and Illumination, The Guardian of the Tree of Knowledge with Archangel Uriel. I reach and project gratitude, light and love, high into the heavens, calling forth the golden-white light from Source Energy, bringing down the golden-white light through my cerebral chakras, down through to my heart chakra adding love from my heart, and down into the sacral Plexus or creative center just above the pelvic bone.


I call forth Archangel Zaphkiel, Keeper of the Orange Flame of Creation, the Angel of Ecstasy and Compassion to bring the creative energy of the orange flame into the sacral plexus, with the intent of creating 24 strands of perfected DNA. For the celebration of our existence. I call in the Star Children, Keepers of the perfected 24 strands of perfected human DNA, with the intent to manifest the 24 strands of DNA in my sacral plexus, in the second or creative chakra and in every cell in my body.  


As I place the 24 strands of DNA into every cell in my body, I intend to perfect my body, bones, blood, lymphatic system, nerves, organs, hormones, glands, proteins, telomeres, organelles, membranes, mitochondria and every other cell in my body at a quantum level, manifesting the perfection of the original humans. I take the 24 strands into 12 double-helix, connecting 2 strands each, into a rotated, connected, perfected, spiral, of double-stranded DNA, with perfected telomeres at the ends acting as little antennae, transmitting perfection from the quantum field and Source Energy, into each and every cell of my body to rejuvenate and revitalize my body to a perfected, eternal state of health and fitness. I braid these 24 double helixes into 24-stranded rope DNA in every cell in my body, making me strong, invincible, indestructible and impenetrable to all the toxins, petrochemicals, nanobots and radiation currently on the planet. My 12 double helixes connect me to the quantum energies of all other celestial realms. I am now connected and integrated to all my Divine Interdimensional Beings in the Multiverse. I AM now an enlightened Being of Light and Love! So BE IT! So It IS!  Amen and Amen. I AM that I AM.

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