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With Dr. Randall Frank, Founder

Date:  Friday, April 3 – Monday, April 6

Time:  Registration begins at 8:30 am.  Class begins at 9:00am and goes until 6:00pm each day.  

Location:  SpiritWay Wellness, 101 Eagle Road, Building 6; Avon, CO 81620

Cost:  $795 with no vials included; $300 for repeat with no vials.   Receive a 10% discount by registering at least 30 days in advance and a $50 off for referring a friend that attends.  Be sure to have them list your name in the referred by section on the in-class registration form.  


Content: The Emotional Seminar has been updated and expanded.  It now includes all of my father's, Dr. Victor Frank’s, work as he intended, plus the latest critical updates of EQHT techniques.  That means a total of approximately 300 techniques.  You, the practitioner will now be able to treat everything from a simple emotion clearing to inherited DNA - disturbances. The techniques are able to clear in a general way or go micro specific as the treatment warrants.


Registration: Register directly on Randy's site go :

To learn more about EQHT click here or here

You must be a licensed or certified practitioner practicing in the health care field of Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, medical doc, nursing, have your own health care practice or be a student enrolled in an accredited college in a health care profession to take these courses.   

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