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My daughter Reece and I both see Sheila. The work she has done for both of us has been nothing short of amazing.


Reece is the U16 2017 US Slalom Champion. A few months after winning the title, Reece dislocated her shoulder training in New Zealand. She flew back to Vail for surgery on August 23rd and was told she would not be on skis again before Christmas and training gates until January.

Sheila saw her for several visits and she was cleared for both skiing and gates two weeks before Christmas!

Even more amazing: Reece had severe dairy intolerance and other food allergies. We cut these out of her diet for a few years. As an athlete and like most teens Reece wanted to eat cheese and drink milk. Sheila “worked her magic” with vials and allergy testing and now Reece can eat those items that were once forbidden.


I have severe TMJ and have been in pain for years. After a few visits with Shiela my TMJ subsided greatly. I, too, had food allergies that Shiela helped me overcome.


Both Reece and I still see Shiela for maintenance and though I can’t describe exactly what she does, we are very impressed with her work, her wonderful shop and calm and funny demeanor.


Just walking into her Avon office is an oasis of relaxation.


Laura Bell, Vail Valley Colorado

Sheila has changed my life in so many ways. For five years, I had chronic back pain to the point that I stayed in bed for almost a year. I had been to about 20 different doctors and specialists in multiple states and no one could figure out what was wrong with me.  It was to the point that my only option was to live with it and be on medicine for the rest of my life. The doctors said what I had would not go away. They finally came to the conclusion that what I had was called Ehler Danlos Syndrome and they were sending me to the only doctor in America who knew anything about it, in Maryland. I met Sheila two weeks before my departure and within a week of getting worked on by her, about 80% of my pain was GONE!! It was unbelievable for me at the time. Needless to say, I did not go to Maryland. I stopped going to doctors and specialists and only went to Sheila from then on. It took about 6 months for me to be completely pain free and for Sheila to rebuild my immune system. In that time, I started taking classes with Sheila on life and on how to connect with my true self and the universe. Since then, my life has changed completely and not only am I happier than ever, I do not experience stress in the same way I used to, and I now approach life in a whole new way. Sheila has also been teaching me how to heal others (animals, people, the earth) and communicate with everything. Her teachings have sparked a flame within me and now I just want to keep learning more! Life is beautiful and more magical than I ever thought possible. Through Sheila's guidance, I have been able to find out why I am here and what my life purpose is. I have learned so much and cannot express in words how much it means to me. I am so excited that I get to continue on this life journey with Sheila. 

                                                                                                Nichole Lindroth - Edwards, Colorado

A few years back I was diagnosed with thick blood and  emphysema. I was sent home scared and with no hope. I was even told that I would have to have blood drawn on a regular basis and they would see me in six weeks  to determine what course of action to take. if any.  Then a friend made an appointment for me to go see Sheila. I was so weak that I had to be helped out of the car to even go into her office. When I arrived I was greeted with compassion and given more hope than I had had in days. By the end of our first session, we had developed a wellness plan and I walked out to the car unassisted feeling amazingly well. Even though Sheila was on break for the Christmas holiday she began seeing me. I saw her three times a week for a month. At the end of the month my symptoms were gone. And I have never had to have blood drawn again!  We worked together to reduce the number of times that I saw her and now I only see her for a preventative work. I don't understand how the Natural Healing and TBM works but it does.  I am living proof. 


I also have scoliosis and had begun to hunch over and round my shoulders forward. Using the BodyReboot methods, my back has significantly improved. I now stand straight and the roundedness is gone. I have never let anyone work on my back before but because I have learned to trust Sheila and know that she has I best interest at heart I did the work. I'm glad I did. 


Today I am strong and healthy. Thanks Sheila for working with me to achieve my health goals.


Tammy Diedrich
Leadville, Colorado

If not for Sheila Seppi I could not have finished the Leadville Silver Rush 50 Mountain Bike Race on July 9, 2016.  I have been working weekly with Sheila for years but, January 2016 we focused on getting my 56 year old body ready to ride mountain bike 50 miles climbing 8,500+ vertical feet up and down between 10,000 to 12,000 feet over dirt trails and rocky mountain rocks.  On Tuesday, July 5, 2016 (four days before the race) on a training ride I was going 30 miles an hour downhill and went over the handlebars landing on my hip that I thought ended my journey to race in the Leadville Silver Rush 50 MTB. 


Wednesday, July 6, 2016 I went to see Sheila in her Avon, Colorado office and could barley walk and my whole right side was bruised and Sheila worked her magic on me to wake up Thursday, July 7, 2016 thinking I could still possibly race 50 miles.  Friday, July 8th I had a one hour SPMI session in Sheila's Leadville office and then went to check into the race for Saturday’s race.  I woke up Saturday, July 9, 2016 walking around not believing I was I going to try and race 50 miles and it was only because the work Sheila Seppi did on Wednesday and Friday was it possible … wow!


Saturday, July 9, 2016 it was unbelievable that my body rode 50 miles in 7.5 hours with no pain or suffering from my hip peddling my mountain bike but, that magical part for me was having my mind connected and focused throughout the race to beat the cut off time of 8 hours to receive the medal.  Once again there is no possible way I could have survived the crash without working with Sheila for months before and the intense work the week of the race to allow me to finish with a smile … Bravo to Sheila … Thank you!


So, if you are considering to have a session with Sheila … I strongly suggest you experience Sheila’s Wellness on proactive health, emergency help and balancing your body, mind and spirit to accomplish your goals!!!


                                                                                               Mark Schelde

                                                                                               Vail, Colorado

Below is the bruised photo on race day July 9, 2016 right before the race and me at the finish line!  

Sheila shares her gifts of numerous modalities of holistic healing with her clients with nurturing, kindness and compassion. Her many years of experience, expertise and continuous learning combine to create a harmonious relationship which leads to effective and meaningful healing of body, mind and spirit.


Sheila has supported me on my healing journey from debilitating pain, helping me to restore my quality of life, regain my health, and revive my dreams for a healthy future. I am so grateful to Sheila for her gentle insights and remarkable skills as a healer and teacher.

Jenelle Stefanic - Leadville, Colorado

Working with Sheila has been instrumental in getting my health where I'd like it to be. From the very first time I had a session with her, I was touched by her knowledge, compassion, positive attitude and love. She's got incredible talents and I can feel the change in my body immediately when she starts doing work on me. I have so much trust in Sheila and have seen what most people would call miracles happen simply and easily from working with her. 

I know that if I have any issues related to my physical, mental, or emotional well-being, Sheila can use her phenomenal gifts and talents to bring forth wonderful light and healing. 

What a gift to give yourself by working with Sheila!    

Jackie - San Diego, California





I’ve been getting treatments from Sheila regularly for at least 3 years now, and I highly recommend her to anyone.  I have received natural healing, TBM, Reiki, structural physiological movement integration, meridian stress assessment, and foot detox from Sheila, as well as spiritual counseling.  I think what I love most is that no matter where I am at physically or emotionally, Sheila hones right into what I need most at that moment, especially when I don’t know what I need at that moment.  It is safe to say that I ALWAYS leave a treatment feeling more balanced, centered, grounded and in less pain or discomfort.  Sheila has seen the best and the worst of me, and she always treats me with the compassion to feel that it is a safe place to be 100% myself and to allow any emotions to come up that need to be cleared.  After working with her progressively I feel continuously more balanced and emotionally stable than ever before.  I have seen amazing results after a treatment, at times I have had a previously chronic issue vanish after a treatment.  She is very talented at what she does and has an amazing repertoire of skills to help facilitate a holistic approach to healing and wellbeing.

Elise Sunday - Leadville, Colorado

I met Sheila Seppi at the beginning of 2015 and my life hasn't  been the same. She is an inspiration, mentor and friend. Sheila has a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and skills that she brings to each person she treats. She's had a profound effect on supporting me in removing blocks, both emotional and physical. I truly love the spiritual circles she facilitates, offering the group an opportunity to commune, honoring each other and the world around us and beyond. I admire her deep desire to manifest positive change on this earth plane and her passionate dedication to her own growth as a healer. She is a blessing to all. I am grateful to know her.




                                                                   Debrah Santi, - Denver, Colorado





I met Sheila after 8 years of intense medicine and Dr./Specialist solutions to the autoimmune disease Sjogrens and Fybromylgia. At that point I had done chemo infusions, taken daily low chemo doses along with prednisone and other drugs that were supposed to help me manage the pain and problems associated with those sicknesses. However instead of getting better I was getting worse and taking more medicine. My quality of life was being more and more limited. Finally when my Dr. wanted to add more medicines I asked if I would die from Sjogrens, he said no but I would loose 10-15 years of my life expectancy from the side effects of all the medications I was on.


Enter Sheila, from a program set up to wean off my medications in 6 months from my doctor, she helped me with all the withdrawal symptoms. Amazingly enough even as I was withdrawing from medicine I was also being able to do more things. At first I saw her 3 times a week , then monthly, now for maintenance. She has so many different tools to help with, it has been an amazing journey. I had to participate in my healing, change of life style, release toxic people and environments from my life. I am now a healthy participant in my life and am able to do more and more things that I was unable to do while I was sick. I am very grateful for Sheila and I highly recommend her.   

Pam Lindroth, Edwards Colorado
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