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Course Work:   Pathways:  Physical and Energetic Anatomy of the Body

Date:  August 25, 2019
Time:  10:00am - 4:00pm 

Location:  SpiritWay 

Prerequisite:  None.  Anyone can attend this class.

Pathways is not a Usui Reiki course nor is it required to obtain your Masters/Teacher level.  It is however, an essential course that will provide you will all the basic information you need to become familiar with the physical and energetic anatomy of the body.


In this course you will learn the basics of:

Human Anatomy and Physiology - This section is designed to familiarize you with the cellular structure of the physical body, the planes of the body, and the 11 systems.


The Chakras – This section will teach you the energetic system of the chakras, how to open them, clear, infuse and close them.  Chakras comes from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel.  You will also learn how to use a pendulum to detect chakra imbalances.


The Nadis – Nadis is a term for the channels through which, energies such as Ki, Chi or Prana of the subtle body and causal body flows.


The Merdians – Merdians are a channeled network that flow through the major organs of the body.


Crystal Basics – Learn how to identify the energy of a crystal just by holding it and how to infuse it.


Learning the above information will help you to better work with yourself and your clients.

To enroll in this class, please call SpiritWay at 970-763-5689. 

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