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Fernando Ascencio
Healings with Fernando

Fernando uses his hand built Sacred Geometry tools, multiple energetic healing techniques, crystals, intuition, and sound healing to guide you through a mystical experience of positive transformation.

His path to spirituality and healing began almost 7 years ago with an extreme back injury. Through dedication to meditation and focused efforts on a cycling healing technique, he was able to heal himself. This led to deeper research into energy, the healing arts, and also into Sacred Geometry, after geometric patterns began appearing to him while in a meditative state.

Fernando has taken courses on crystal healing, cellular reprogramming, cycling energy healing, psychic ability and more. He is also a builder and creates energy healing tools using Sacred Geometry symbols, copper and wood.

As you sit inside the 7ft copper Merkaba you may feel a deep sense of love and peace. Many people experience a strong sensation of releasing, the letting go of that which no longer serves them or negative and stagnant energies.

During the 30min Awakening Your Lightbody Through Forgiveness healing Fernando takes you on a journey meditation which raises your vibration as you connect to the universe and find your way to a portal where you can bring forth true forgiveness for yourself and others. This healing alone is 30 minutes long, costs $40 and is the precursor to Releasing of a Negative Emotion.

Fernando offers the Release of a Negative Emotion healing as an accompaniment to the first healing because it is most desirable to dive into the subconscious mind when you are already in a meditative state. This is a more interactive healing, involving the discovery of your most pressing negative emotion. Then through the use of symbolism and an EFT tapping technique Fernando helps you to replace that negative emotion with a positive symbol which will serve as a tool which he will teach you how to utilize in your daily life. This healing combined with the first costs $70 and is 1 hour long.

Both healings are personalized and based on your needs as you find your way through the healing process. Additionally, should you rather be outside the Merkaba during your healing Fernando also offers a massage table, which then allows him to perform a unique crystal healing based off of your bodily and energetic needs.


Merkaba Energy Healing

-Activate Your Lightbody

-Align Your Chakras

-Harmonize Your Frequencies

-Transmute Negative Energy

-Cleanse Your Aura

Fernando, his wife Audrey, and son Raphael live in West Covina, California.
Where they attend expos and fairs at local venues in between Fernando’s 9-5
and much loved family time.

"We are Audrey and Fernando, two artists coming together to share our passion for Sacred Geometry through our energy power pieces. Divinely guided, it is our pleasure to offer you an opportunity to take in more light, more love, and an abundance of white light energy into yourself and your space. Our life purpose is to bring love, healing, wisdom, peace, and truth to ourselves and humanity. This is why all of our energy tools, our Sacred Geometry art, resonate with these principles. In addition to our beautiful healing tools, we also offer crystal healings and personalized emotional release healings- a technique which involves a two part deep meditative process, a journey into the subconscious, the use of singing bowls and of course our own energy tools. The emotional release therapy can be done over the phone at any distance and is sometimes referred to as remote healing. We gladly accept questions and typically consult with clients over the phone in order to find which therapy will work best for your individual needs and desires."

In addition to offering healings, their amazing work will be available for purchase at the Summer Solstice SpiritFest Conscious Awakening.  


You can find his work on Etsy at or at

Fernando loves a challenge and is always happy to take on custom orders or help you to find the perfect piece for your needs and desires.

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