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Mandy Collier & Kris Nemelka


DATE:            February 11

TIME:            10:00-12:00

                       2:00 - 4:00

LOCATION:  SpiritWay Wellness

SPEAKER: Mandy Collier
Healing with Herbs:
Herbs, Salves and Teas


10:00 - 12:00

Cost:  $15

Mandy will be speaking about the safety of herbs as well as the herbs you can use for respiratory  and  digestive issues. Most of these plants you can grow on your own or buy from various sources. Mandy will also teach us how to make healing teas for these issues as well as a medicinal salve.



SPEAKER: Kris Nemelka
The TRUTH about the Safety, Effectiveness and Necessity of Vaccines


2:00 - 4:00

Cost:  Donation


Kris writes...
The U.S. Supreme Court has declared that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe. So how safe are vaccines? Are the risks from getting a vaccine less than the risks involved in getting the illnesses against which they are supposed to protect, or is the reverse true? How effective are the vaccines in protecting against illnesses? What does effective really mean? Is it necessary to get vaccinated in order for the immune system to function, and is it possible to develop a strong functioning immune system without vaccination? True informed consent means those receiving the vaccines have a complete understanding of these questions enough to make an appropriate decision for themselves and their children. That is the purpose of this presentation.  



Representative:  Andi Saden

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