Fernando Ascensio

Phone:  303-929-7503

Web:  http://www.debrahsantiacupuncture.com

Fernando uses his hand built Sacred Geometry tools, multiple energetic healing techniques, crystals, intuition, and sound healing to guide you through a mystical experience of positive transformation.

Fernando has taken courses on crystal healing, cellular reprogramming, cycling energy healing, psychic ability and more. He is also a builder and creates energy healing tools using Sacred Geometry symbols, copper and wood.

He offers offers Sacred Geometry Healings with his 7 ft. Merkaba; Seed of Life, Forgiveness, Emotional Release Healings; and his Sacred Geometry Crystal Healings.

His path to spirituality and healing began almost 7 years ago with an extreme back injury. Through dedication to meditation and focused efforts on a cycling healing technique, he was able to heal himself. This led to deeper research into energy, the healing arts, and also into Sacred Geometry, after geometric patterns began appearing to him while in a meditative state.

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