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Your journey to wellness begins now and we are here to help you

You live an active lifestyle. SpiritWay is committed to helping you keep your body in peak performance
with our speciality


If you or your child(ren) have been vaccinated, immunized or received a shot within15 days, please give us a call for harmonization prior to your appointment. 
Children under 12 at no cost. 

Our office address is:

48 E. Beaver Creek Blvd, Suite 309
Avon, CO 81620 
Downtown Avon


SpiritWay is helping people of all abilities rebuild their body, mind, and spirit. Working with a variety of modalities, our progressive services help people get back to the activities they love. 

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Trusted by more than a thousand happy clients
Osteopath at Work

" I had to be carried into SpiritWay for my first visit. By the end of the session, we had developed a wellness plan and I walked out of the office. Today, I am strong and healthy! Thanks for working with me to achieve my health goals!"   

Tammy D.   Leadville, CO

“Our goal is to help you live the life you want – an active, happy life full of vitality and joy.”

From neck, shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, to hips, knees, ankles and feet, our practitioners have you covered from head to toe. ​Helping you to Reboot, Rejuvenate, and Restore your body, mind, and spirit is our specialty. 

Combining proven holistic health techniques with ancient wisdoms, SpiritWay specializes in quantum science, bodywork, and energy healing techniques that provide relief from and assistance with allergies, stress, anxiety, emotions, pain and pain management, detoxification, energy levels, body/mind/spirit balancing, spiritual and life coaching and intuitive guidance.

Our Membership Programs offer a variety of benefits and allow members to prioritize their wellness. 

"We are dedicated to getting you out of pain and back to doing the things
that you love to do."

Mark S

Vail, CO

If not for Sheila Seppi I could not have finished the Leadville Silver Rush 50 Mountain Bike Race on July 9, 2016.  I have been working weekly with Sheila for years but, in January 2016 we focused on getting my 56-year-old body ready to ride a mountain bike 50 miles climbing 8,500+ vertical feet up and down between 10,000 to 12,000 feet over dirt trails and rocky mountain rocks.  On Tuesday, (four days before the race) on a training ride I was going 30 miles an hour downhill and went over the handlebars landing on my hip that I thought ended my journey to race in the Leadville Silver Rush 50 MTB. 

Wednesday, I went to see Sheila in her Avon, Colorado office and could barley walk and my whole right side was bruised and Sheila worked her magic on me to wake up Thursday, thinking I could still possibly race 50 miles.  Friday, July 8th I had a one-hour SPMI session in Sheila’s Leadville office and then went to check into the race for Saturday’s race.  I woke up Saturday, walking around not believing I was going to try and race 50 miles and it was only because of the work Sheila Seppi did on Wednesday and Friday that was possible … wow!

The day of the race was unbelievable that my body rode 50 miles in 7.5 hours with no pain or suffering from my hip peddling my mountain bike but, that magical part for me was having my mind connected and focused throughout the race to beat the cut off time of 8 hours to receive the medal.  Once again there is no possible way I could have survived the crash without working with Sheila for months before and the intense work the week of the race to allow me to finish with a smile … Bravo to Sheila … Thank you!

So, if you are considering having a session with Sheila … I strongly suggest you experience Sheila’s Wellness on proactive health, emergency help, and balancing your body, mind, and spirit to accomplish your goals!!


Making a difference


One person at a time...

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With more than 100+ years of experience, we are ready to get you back into action. 


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